This is my cooking adventure. Love to try different food and learn about different cultures by their traditions. I have not visited many countries but I certainly have met many people in our diverse community and have tasted their scrumptious food.

I certainly hope to learn much more about food and share them with you all. If you have any comments or care to add your version of the same recipes, be my guest!

Life is so funny.I never thought I would like vegetarian food; thought it was without taste and that only people on a diet eats it. I have learnt to appreciate good food:- natural, healthy and/or organic. I beleive those three words means the same but opinions vary.  I enjoy some vegetarian food but that is because the cook is good; the credit certainly goes to the cook. I may become a semi-vegetarian but love the spice of  life and will try any type of food. I enjoying watching people enjoy their food. I believe that every cook loves people asking for their food. I will certainly hope to hear how and why other’s diet have changed due to health reason.

Some people travel far away to eat the food they appreciate and enjoy. I certainly used to crave Mexican food and would try food from any Mexican restaurant beleiving it would be similar to the food from Mexico. I have learnt that it never will be, the natural grown food cannot be traded, we have learnt to improvise. There will certainly be more to discuss on this topic.



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